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Advice for NQT Assessment following COVID-19

NQT Assessment Reports are due to be submitted by 27 March. We understand that in the circumstances this may be difficult. If you are unable to submit them by this date please email to request an extension so that we are not chasing you.

 Due to the current circumstances we are altering the period of induction for NQTs that have already shown evidence of working satisfactorily towards all of the teachers standards and therefore your NQT will be eligible to be signed off at the end of this term. Please see the letter attached below for further information

Please ensure the form is fully completed (all the grey boxes filled in) and signed before returning

  • by email to Oadby Learning Partnership at
  • from the Headteacher or Principal’s email address
  • with the NQT copied into the email
  • with the Induction tutor copied into the email