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Inspiring Leadership


As part of the OLP Leadership Program 2020 Contender Charlie Ltd provided and interactive course to inspire leadership.


Contender Charlie:

' Contender Charlies aim is to offer inspiring courses to staff and students and to help develop strong leadership at all levels of school life.
They believe that anyone involved in the teaching, mentoring or supervision of young people is in a key
leadership role, whether they are currently aware of that or not.
Authentic leaders are ordinary people able to draw on extraordinary talents. They are prepared to bring all of themselves to work, to stand up for what is important, and to adapt appropriately to meet new situations.
These people are emotionally intelligent and self aware, knowing their own strengths and limitations. They
develop others and sustain those around them, building a platform for long term success. They inspire
consistently, tell compelling stories and guide others through complex problems to collaborative decisions. In short, they are committed to leaving the world a better place'

The day provided lots of enjoyment to those involved along with a wealth of knowledge when thinking about who we are as leaders. During the day there was lots of discussion based around the types of personalities we had in the room, each person explored their strengths and weaknesses and evaluated what they each do to broaden these traits when applying them in their educational setting. The course received a lot of positive feedback

' Enjoyable experience, giving chance to reflect on my own leadership'

'Enjoyable, beneficial to my own understanding to my role and has addressed some of my concerns about my own practice'

'It was engaging and allowed me to consider my own leadership strengths and weaknesses in a creative setting'